Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Missing at the beach

It was one lovely morning. Koli thought  room 9 should go  to the beach. So Wesley, Koli,Etai,Ifa,timothy and Siua got there lunch ready and there togs ready. Koli’s mum dropped them off to the beach and told koli that she will pick them up at 6:00 o'clock.They arrived at 9:00 o’clock.  As soon as they got there wesley put on his togs and went and had a swim. Koli went for a jog,Etai sat down and started to eat,Ifa sat under the shade then went to sleep,Timothy  was playing with the ball and Siua was just putting his legs in the water.”Koli was gone for a long time,” said Siua.

I think  he is gone said Tim.We all looked around the beach.
“ He is not here” Siua said. “Wait!” Siua said look at these foot prints. They  all  followed  the footprints. Tim saw him in a cave. The boy’s picked him up and said
“what happened.”
Koliata said“I got hit by a rock.The boy’s took Koliata home. His mum was sad. They took Koliata and went to the hospital.

The next few days Koliata was out of the hospital and playing with Siua,Etai,Tim and Ifa.Everyone was happy.



  1. Siua, I really like your story and I like that you wrote the story like you were a reporter.

  2. DO you have any tips if you really get hit buy a rock?

  3. Hey Siua I like your story. And I hope
    you will writ another story.

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  5. Hello Siua
    I really like your story about Koli missing at the beach. How did Koli get lost?

  6. Hi Samuel. Koli got lost when went for a run someone hit him with a rock. Does that answer your

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  8. Hi Kaz. When I get up I will just ask some one to use there phone so I can ring mum.