Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Missing Monkey

One sunny morning Melissa, Koliata and Serena got ready. They got ready to go to the zoo .

Then they got into  Melissa’s car.  Melissa drove to the zoo as fast as a cheetah.
“Finally we are here,” Koliata said.
Then they went inside. First they went and saw the Giraffe. Serena fed the giraffe some leaves. Then they went and looked at the elephants.
Koliata said, “That one is the fattest out of all the elephants.”
“You're sad,” said Serena.

Then they went to see the only monkey in the zoo.
“Where is the monkey?” said Koliata.
The rangers arrived faster than a motor bike.
“Where is the monkey?” asked the rangers.
“I don’t know,” said Serena.
“We must look for the monkey. It is the only one we have left in the zoo,” the ranger said into the speaker.
“If you see a monkey, bring it to the office and you will get a cash reward.” Then everyone ran around looking for the monkey. Koliata needed to go to the toilet. When he got there, Koliata saw the monkey. He called the ranger. The ranger came and took it back to it’s cage. Koliata got $100.  He was very, very happy.

Koliata went home and gave half of his money to his mum and dad.They were very happy too. The ranger at the zoo was happy the monkey was in it’s cage.           


  1. hello siua I did not go to the zoo I wanted to gat the $100 but koliata got it.The story is good and good work.

  2. Hi,Siua thank you for writing my name. Thank you. I like your story about the missing Monkey. Why did you write this story on your blog?