Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Amazing passes

Training for netball

This morning it was a lovely day. Room 9 walked to the ash field in a lovely line. On the ash field there was Room 9's lovely coach Nyreen.

At netball Room 9 learnt passes. One of the passes is the fantastic chest pass. Then there is the amazing bounce pass. The last pass is the cool overhead pass. Another skill is defending. We had to shadow our partner. Then you had to be three meters away from the ball. The last skill is shooting. To shoot you need to put your hands into a duck position and push the ball up to the hoop and flick your wrist.

There were three training skills. It was helpful for me because I got good at netball. I really enjoyed training for netball with coach Nyreen.


  1. HI siua netball was fun did you know that you did a lot of good team work with koliata it looked like you and koliata are the best netball players in class. What you'er favourite past siua?

  2. Hi Siua thank you for describing all the different passes,I didn't know there was so many. I know there are three passes in rugby. Do you know what they are?

  3. Hi Siua, coach Nyreen sounds very helpful and good at netball. I played netball at the inter school competition. We came first place. Would you like to go to inter school again?

  4. Hi Siua, Your story about the Amazing passes was an interesting title. It was so fun when Room9 were learning about netball. Room9 learnt to shoot the ball, pass the ball to there partner and bounce the ball to there partner. My favourite part of the story was that you enjoyed training for netball with the coach Nyreen. How does netball help you?

  5. Thank you Tainah but I think netball helps me by keeping me fit and to us my head. Do you like netball.

  6. Yes I do Siua. Thank you for the comment back to me.