Monday, 26 November 2012

A bird

One morning at Glen innes school everyone was playing outside. Melissa,Siua and Maia were playing Handball outside room9. Suddenly  Melissa said
“ Stop the game.”

What is it ,where are we going Melissa. Look at that bird. Where is it under that tree. Yes lets go and see what it is doing. Hey look it is blue said Siua. Then Melissa   put a rope on to the birds leg.
Maia scared the bird away. Then Melissa and Siua was angry. Then Siua thought of a idea. He got all the bread he had and left it in one place. Then a bird with a rope came. There it is Melissa said. Lets go and put it in a cage.

Melissa,Siua and Maia keeped the bird as a pet. They were so happy to have a pet.


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  2. Hi Lanu the storey was about a Bird

  3. Hi siua it was a beaitful story that you rite.