Friday, 12 April 2013

Seagulls that fight

There was a seagull named Tim  and a seagull named Ifa. They are best friends. Every day Tim and Ifa went to Glen Innes school field. When it is lunchtime Tim and Ifa wait for the children to drop their food.  Tim and Ifa would fly as fast as the wind to go and  eat the food. When Tim and Ifa ate their food they ate like they never ate before.  One day a  kid from room 9 dropped their fish. Tim saw the fish first but Ifa got to it first.  Then tim and Ifa were fighting. None of them were backing down. Then they left the fish and Siua got the fish and flew away.  when they saw Siua fly away they were angry and flew away.  They went after Siua but he was too fast. He was fast like the wind. Tim and Ifa gave up and went and looked for some food.          


  1. Thanks for sharing you story with us Siua. I liked your story.

  2. Hi Jhozae Thank you for reading my story