Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Yummy sandwiches

On the 30th of August
Pak'n'Save gave G.I.P some ingredients. They were carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, cheese, ham and tuna. The tuna also had apple in it. They were very tasy ingredients.

Room 9 went to the hall and sat onto our chairs. I made a lovely sandwich. But then Wesley put me off eating. I felt sick. Then I said "I hate you Wesley". Then Wesley sad I am so sorry about that I was just kidding. 

I would like to make a sandwich again. Because it was easy for me and I had fun adding the ingredients. It is also yummy and healthy for our body.     


  1. What a nice photo Siua. I enjoyed reading your story because your story is very intriguing. Room 11 has been trying to bring a lot of healthy sandwiches to school. My filling for my sandwiches were, tuna (with apple) lettuce, carrot and cheese I enjoyed it very much. Great Job Siua on your story :)

  2. I liked your story on sandwiches because you described how much you liked the sandwiches. What else would you like to put in your sandwich.

  3. Your sandwich is delicious. So why are you angry?

  4. Hi Siua you have a lovely story about healthy food and I like you pictir

  5. It is funny when you took a picter when you were eating with your moth full