Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I did not expect

Dear mum
It was a lovely morning. I walked into the hall. There were decorations like banners and balloons. We got our netbooks.
I did not expect a movie, decorations and a box for our netbooks.  I did expect netbooks on a trolley.

The netbook that you bought for me will help me by doing my  spelling. I even can play games that helps me with my maths. I can  even do my research on the internet.
The thing that I enjoyed was opening my netbook.

Thank You for spending your money on my netbook. It is so cool I was so exciting when you bought my netbook . I love you mum, so much I will try not to be naughty and try to  be kind.  You are the   best mum.Thank you mum

Your son


  1. Hi Siua,
    I am glad that you got excited when you recieved your netbook, it is not only me that you need to thank, remember your father as well as he helped out as well.
    Since you mentioned that this will help with your spelling and math's I hope that it will show in your report! hehehe
    We dont have much money but when you dont have money you learn what is more important in life.
    Like I said to your sister Kazdenia EDUCATION IS THE KEY!
    So make sure you use the netbooks to your full potential!
    Love you ALWAYS
    mum & dad...

  2. Listen to what Mum said, Siua. I'll be watching your spelling and maths more closely now. Mr R

  3. Hi Siua. I like your story because I liked the way you described the morning and you went into the hall. What math subjects did you learn and what new words did you spell?

  4. Hi Siua is this your first time having a netbook. You're going to freak out when you get your netbook. I wonder if you like your netbook, because I do. If you break your netbook you have to pay heaps of money. I look after my netbook because it is really cool.