Tuesday, 4 December 2012

NetBook Reflection 2012

Before I had my netbook I was working in books. It was Boring working in the book's.
When the Netbook's came it change my whole life.

When Mr Ramkolowan showed us our Netbook's everyone was happy. That's when my life 
changed. When I worked on my Netbook my learning got more interesting. I got to blog and
comment on other people's blog. I created new writing and publish it on my blog. Mrs Grant
told us how to comment. You have to be positive, make connections,read the story,be specific
and have a question. I can still remember when I got my netbook on the 25th of  July.
If I was still working in a book  I will be so bored.I really like my netbook. I am fast at learning on
 my netbook

I learned to share, create and comment. 


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