Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Beach

On hot summer morning, my mum, brother  and I went to the beach. It took us  about 20 minutes to get to the beach.  When we arrived my brother grabbed his toys. When my brother got to the sand  him and my mum had a sand castle competition.   When they finished I had to judge.  I picked my little brother because his was bigger than hers.  After that  my mum was as hot as it was like she was near the sun. So  she went for a little swim.  When my mum went for a swim a few seconds later  I went to sleep.

When my mum got back she woke me up and said “
Siua where is your  brother.” I said “
He was still building his sand castle.”  When I looked around I did not see him.  There were too many people.  My mum and I splited up she went left and I went right.  When I was walking I saw some of my friends. The first person I saw was Tane. He was eating ice cream.  Then I saw Angeling.  She was tanning.  I asked her if she had seen my brother.  She said “
YES YES.” he went that way.  When I saw him I said “
Come here you have to go to mum.” he came to my mum.  My mum said”
where were you.” My brother said”
I was getting some things to decorate my sandcastle.

When we got home my mum told him to make her some toast for running off like that.  When he finished making my mums toast he went to his room and went sleep. I had fun at the beach.                

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  1. Hey Siua

    This is an interesting story to read and your picture looks fantastic. I was amazed by how the sand castle was built. Can you share some tricks about how to make a sand castle like this?`