Monday, 16 September 2013

The food pyramid

We are learning about what food we should not eat and food we should eat.

The food pyramid
The food pyramid tells us to eat less of the things at the top. Eat more of the foods at the bottom  food pyramid.

You must drink soup, water and tea  you must eat theses because you must keep your body nice and energetic.

You have to eat little less of apples, bananas, carrots, strawberries, corn, tomatoes and blueberries. You must eat these because you need to keep strong.

You must eat little of bread, cereal,  peanuts, hot chips and crackers .   You must eat  less of these foods because it is to avoid cancer.

what you must eat even less of is sugar, milk, cheese,  fish, yoghurt and hot chicken?. You must  eat even less of these because it is diet foods.

You must eat least of ice cream with chocolate scrip, fizzy drinks, lollies, big packet of  chips.  You must not  eat these foods because you will get fat and you will have to go on a diet.    

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