Monday, 9 December 2013

Information Report - Kiwis

Today a lot of dedicated people help to prevent kiwi from becoming extinct.The kiwi is a small bird. Did you know 200 years ago New Zealand’s forest echoed through the night air.

The kiwi is the nickname giving to us by the australian’s in the world war 1. So the kiwi is a very important bird for New Zealand. The kiwi is the New Zealand icon. it cannot fly, has loose, hair-like feathers, strong legs and no tail.Kiwi are the only bird to have nostrils at the end of its very long bill which is used to probe in the ground. Kiwi are long-lived, and depending on the species live for between 25 and 50 years.

The threats to the kiwi’s are stotes,possums and Dogs. All dogs, regardless of size, breed, training or temperament are potential kiwi killers. Farm dogs, hunting dogs, visiting dogs and pet dogs are equally attracted to the strong distinctive scent of kiwi.

So what do you think you could do to take care of the Kiwis.

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